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Special Edition – Benny Adrion and Micha Fritz talk about the new Social Business Baby of Viva con Agua

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Viva con Agua has a new family member: Villa Viva Cape Town. We had the chance to buy an old and very famous Backpacker Hostel in the centre of Cape Town, South Africa, and we will now turn it into a new social business. Like every other business Viva con Agua is running, Villa Viva Cape Town is going to support our Vision of WATER for ALL – ALL for WATER!

What exactly is going to happen with the Hostel, how will we transform it into a social platform full of joy and energy, why we chose South Africa (or better: South Africa chose us!) and how we managed to buy that place without paying a dime for it – all of these questions and even more will be answered in this new episode.

We decided to record it in English. Why? Because it’s a story from South Africa – and we want to activate as much people from South Africa to get involved and fill the platform with life.


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